Automate Your Profit Potential

There’s never been a better time to invest in panel building automation.

The Government has provided details of a new capital allowance ‘super-deduction’ for companies investing in capital equipment from April 1st 2020 to March 31st 2023. The “Super Deduction” gives companies a tax reduction of up to £0.25 for every £1.00 invested in qualifying capital equipment. Making it an ideal time to invest in new efficient panel manufacturing systems.

Rittal & Eplan have the systems.

Rittal Automation Systems & Eplan support all process steps in control and switchgear engineering. With a comprehensive range of equipment and associated software we can help you achieve digital transformation, process automation, standardisation and improved quality. We’ve a wide range of automated and semi-automated equipment for driving professional workshop operations.

This includes Rittal’s Perforex automated milling machine which, when utilising data from the digital twin created with EPLAN Pro Panel, offers massive savings in enclosure modification time.

Compared to manual processes, EPLAN solutions can automatically create data which includes schematics, and manufacturing data, which has the ability to save up to 75% of engineering time, and can be transferred into production machines like Perforex, which delivers improved accuracy and repeatability; the equipment is up to 8x faster with a CNC machine or 10x faster using a 3D laser machine.

We also offer solutions for the most time-intensive phase of a typical control panel - the wiring; our automated wiring systems providing substantial cost and time savings.

Click the link to find out more. Super Deduction Factsheet Link

But don't just take our word for it!

Why not check out our videos to see the full benefits of the Rittal Automation System's range and the benefits of using Rittal & EPLAN has brought to our customers 



Automatic Wiring equipment and EPLAN Smart Wiring

After the manual wire assembly, the following process begins: panel wiring. We can also make this process easier for you with the browser-based wiring optimisation solution, EPLAN Smart Wiring. This solution saves you a lot of time by not indicating an abstract connection, but a realistic functional wiring sequence based on the actual cabinet layout.

Visit the Rittal website to explore the wire processing products, or you can down load our latest wiring equipment brochure from the link below.

Do you want to discover more about EPLAN Smart Wiring? Download the 'Panel wiring without schematics with EPLAN Smart Wiring' white paper:

Download EPLAN Smart Wiring White Paper

Alternatively, explore the range of Rittal semi-automated wire processing machines:

Optimise wire processing brochure