Christian Westwood | RiAssure | Rittal Service Manager

Minimising production downtime in manufacturing is critical. When downtime is reduced, productivity levels increase, and customer shipments are despatched on time. Servicing forms a crucial role in ensuring factories are kept online, and within Rittal UK, Christian Westwood is the main point of contact for any customer who is looking to ensure their production line earns money every second. We recently met with Christian to understand more about his role and life within Rittal:

What Does Christian’s Typical Day Look Like?

Christian’s days are varied but typically could include working on the ‘RiAssure’ campaign. He works with the sales teams to learn more about the problems that end users face every day. One of Christian’s main roles is conducting surveys on-site, collecting data, and writing reports of his findings. For example, for new customers with limited knowledge of Rittal’s cooling equipment and the heat generated inside their panels, Christian can carry out a thermal survey, allowing for better engagement with the user.

For more information on RiAssure:

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What Surveys Does Christian Conduct?

The ‘RiAssure’ campaign includes several types of surveys. A thermal survey is used to solve an overheating problem; panel builders know how much heat is lost inside a panel, but the end user might not. As a result, they would be unable to select a cooling solution without the assistance Rittal can offer. The service and efficiency check identifies a much more efficient solution for the customer. The most efficient solution is often the Blue e+ cooling unit - a patented solution with energy savings of around 75%.

What’s Involved In The Reports Christian Writes?

Even in November, Christian must write reports. Overheating in panels results from the heat generated by the equipment they house AND the hot weather, which is absorbed through their walls and roofs. Although summer is the busiest time for this, it’s important to try and get customers to check if there’s an issue before it becomes a problem. Furthermore, it’s important to let customers know that just because a problem has disappeared in winter doesn’t mean it won’t return. Everything produces heat - and people forget that. This is why Christian spends a lot of time attending sites to discuss Rittal’s services, the help they can provide, and how that help will benefit the customer. The focus is on emphasising to the customer the money that could be saved if downtime, and equipment tripping or failing could be reduced. If you invest in this service now, you’ll save money later. 

What Is Christian’s Favourite Rittal Product?

Christian’s favourite product is something Rittal is about to launch called Smart Service. It essentially involves networking cooling units so that they can be monitored anywhere in the world. It will mean Rittal can more effectively provide a service to their customers and check in on their cooling assets remotely, confirming they are working. If there is an issue, Rittal could remotely diagnose the problem first, so that an engineer can attend the site with the correct parts.

What Is Christian Most Proud Of About Working At Rittal? 

As Christian comes from an engineering background, he needs to have faith in the products and services he is selling. With Rittal, he has faith and conviction in the quality of the products and services they offer.

What Does Christian Want To See Happen For The Energy Sector in 2023?

Christian would like to see energy prices go down and an increase in investment in sustainable power, so that we are no longer reliant on fossil fuels, oils, coals etc. Christian believes that we should be able to get all the domestic power we need from wind turbines and other renewable energy sources. 

For more information on the areas in which Rittal operate within the energy sector: 

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