Cool, calm and collected: Keep cooling units running efficiently

Control panel cooling units that haven't been properly maintained can have significant negative impacts on industrial operations and equipment. 

Overheating equipment is more prone to unexpected shutdowns and system failures. These disruptions can lead to downtime, impacting your business operations, productivity, and customer satisfaction. The cost of downtime can be substantial, making it imperative to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

That's why we offer RiAssure: a free service whereby one of our experienced team will visit your site to conduct a cooling review and make sure that everything is as it should be.


Free cooling review with RiAssure

RiAssure is a service dedicated to evaluating your current cooling systems and providing straightforward, honest advice to help you enhance or maintain the cooling efficiency of your installations.

Start with a Free Cooling Review

We offer a free cooling review to get started. One of our team members will visit your site to assess your existing cooling solutions, taking in factors such as location/environment, equipment requirements, usage and maintenance. During this visit, we'll provide you with practical feedback based on our observations. Here's what you can expect:

  • Identification of High-Risk Components: We'll identify any components or enclosures at risk due to high temperatures.

  • Actionable Recommendations: We’ll suggest specific steps you can take to improve cooling efficiency.

  • Advanced Inspection Quote: If necessary, we'll give you a quote for a detailed inspection.

We will come to your site, assess your existing electrical enclosures to make sure whether everything is to the right standard, protecting your equipment and giving it the best chance of success, and avoiding the likelihood of breakdown or failures.


Our advanced cooling review

If our initial review identifies potential improvements, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote for an advanced inspection to dig deeper into the issues and solutions. This thorough evaluation includes:

  • Data Logging and Thermal Imaging

  • Thermal Analysis: We perform detailed thermal calculations to better understand your cooling requirements.

  • Visual Documentation: We take photographs of your enclosures and equipment.

  • Comprehensive Asset List: We create a detailed list of your enclosures and their status.

Along with this, we provide a quote for recommended replacement cooling units that includes:

  • Energy Efficiency Analysis: We calculate potential energy savings from the new units.

  • ROI Calculations: We provide a clear picture of the financial benefits of upgrading.

  • Service Contract Proposal: We recommend a service contract to ensure ongoing efficiency and maintenance of your cooling units.

*Note: Pricing for advanced inspections depends on the number of enclosures, chosen inspection options, types of cooling systems, and environmental conditions.


Why is cooling equipment maintenance important?

Equipment Overheating:

  • Component Damage: Excessive heat can damage sensitive electronic components, reducing their lifespan or causing failure.

  • Increased Maintenance Costs: Overheating often necessitates more frequent repairs and replacements of parts, increasing maintenance expenses.

Operational Downtime:

  • System Failures: Critical system failures can occur due to overheating, leading to unplanned operational shutdowns.

  • Production Losses: Downtime directly affects production schedules, resulting in lost productivity and potential revenue losses.

Reduced Efficiency:

  • Performance Degradation: Electronic components and systems may not perform optimally when operating at higher temperatures, leading to inefficiencies.

  • Energy Waste: Cooling systems that are not functioning properly may consume more energy as they try to compensate for poor cooling, leading to higher operational costs.

Safety Hazards:

  • Risks: Overheated components can pose safety risks to personnel and infrastructure.

  • Worker Safety: Malfunctioning equipment due to overheating can create dangerous working conditions for employees.

Regulatory Compliance Issues:

  • Non-Compliance: Failure to maintain proper cooling can result in non-compliance with industry standards and regulations.

  • Quality Control: Overheating can affect the quality of products, making it difficult to meet stringent quality standards required by regulations.

Environmental Impact:

  • Increased Energy Consumption: Inefficient cooling systems can lead to higher energy consumption, contributing to a larger carbon footprint.

  • Excessive Heat Emission: Poorly managed heat can contribute to increased ambient temperatures in the facility, potentially affecting other equipment and processes.


RiAssure is here to keep your control panels cool, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Reach out today to schedule your free cooling review and take the first step toward optimising your operations.