How Rittal Can Save You Money by Preventing Downtime

Downtime in a production line can be incredibly costly, with every wasted minute potentially leading to tens of thousands of pounds in lost revenue. Unplanned interruptions to production not only drive down profits by impacting output, but also cause uncontrollable ripple effects in supply chains and customer relations, which can lead to lost trade in the long-term, even when your operations are up-and-running again.

Preventing downtime, therefore, should be a priority for all manufacturing companies. In this article, we’ll explain how, at Rittal Ltd, we can help you to reduce downtime and save money.

The impact of poor temperature control on production lines

Poor temperature control of electrical enclosures isn’t something that should be ignored as it can have far-reaching effects on the efficiency of your production line:


Reduced lifespan

Electrical equipment is designed to withstand minimum and maximum operating temperatures. Equipment that operates outside its temperature range will age and deteriorate more quickly, leading to more frequent maintenance and increased repair bills, which strains your business’s budget and reduces profits.


Poor performance

Performance is also compromised when equipment is exposed to temperature extremes as it cannot operate at full efficiency. Diminished capacity affects the precision controls necessary on production lines, such as drive mechanisms, and prevents peak operational speeds from being reached. The outcome is a direct hit on productivity: slower production processes lead to fewer products being manufactured which, ultimately, results in lower sales.


How our climate control solutions can reduce downtime

If your production line depends on an enclosure packed with control equipment, climate control will be needed to effectively manage the heat that is generated. Your business may have expanded its equipment since the initial installation, so you may not have given thought to whether the original climate control solutions adequately manage the increased heat output.


At Rittal Ltd, our climate control solutions are crucial to reduce downtime on production lines and ensure continuous, efficient operation:


  • Optimising operations: Proper climate control maintains the ideal temperature range for machinery, ensuring equipment operates at peak efficiency and prevents technical problems caused by overheating.
  • Maximising equipment lifespan: Stable temperatures reduce wear and tear on components, extending their lifespan and reducing the frequency of breakdowns and costly replacements.
  • Preventing humidity-related problems: By regulating humidity, climate control solutions minimise corrosion and electrical faults in sensitive equipment which inevitably cause unforeseen and sudden technical malfunctions.
  • Reducing maintenance: Stable environmental conditions result in less stress on machinery, which means less frequent and intensive maintenance is required.
  • Improving energy efficiency: Our modern climate control systems are energy-efficient which reduces operation costs by consuming less electricity and facilitates more consistent production without excessive expenditure.

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