Panel building. Made Smarter - The Webcast Series

Making complex things simple - that is the guiding principle of Rittal and EPLAN, your Powerful Partners. 

Our solutions will speed up and improve your end to end processes, in panel building and switchgear manufacturing. From engineering design, procurement and manufacturing to logistics and service. That's because we think about the processes that affect your business. 

In our webcast series, we will be answering the following questions:

      • How can an enclosure be configurated quickly and without any errors?
      • How can you accelerate your wire assembly process to make it eight times faster?
      • How can you use resources more efficiently in your production processes?
      • How can you increase your system up-time through optimized and planned maintenance for continuous digitization?

In this six part webcast series, Rittal and EPLAN experts from within industry, will be discussing how every single step in your panel building and switchgear manufacturing value creation process, can be improved and which specific products and services can make this possible. 

The webcast series will run across six dates, with two different time slots per webcast to choose from, each webcast will cover a different topic within panel building and switchgear manufacturing, the topics and dates can be found below: 

Thursday 23rd September 2021: A New Dimension in Configuration:

Rittal and EPLAN will show you how you can use the Rittal Configuration System and the integrated interface to EPLAN ProPanel, so that you can plan and order products and the correct accessories in a simple, error-free, logical and reliable manner.

Thursday 7th October 2021: Maximum Efficiency Through Optimised Data Flow in Enclosure Construction: 

Rittal's team of experts will show you how to digitise and automate your processes, in enclosure production with the RiPanel Processing Center and Rittal machines. With the aid of central planning and an overview of the utilization of your production, you can use your resources more efficiently. You can also greatly increase your compliance, with schedules with improved planning reliability.

Thursday 21st October 2021: Efficient Wire Assembly with Rittal and EPLAN: 

The process of wire assembly is a real time-waster when you work manually,  wiring takes up 49% of the time in enclosure configuration. In this webcast we will show you how software solutions from EPLAN, in conjunction with fully and semi-automatic machines from Rittal Automation Systems, can accelerate this process eight-fold, continuously and with superior quality. In addition, sofware-based assistance systems (EPLAN Smart Wiring) also facilitate manual wiring. 

Thursday 4th November 2021: Efficient Wiring Process with Rittal and EPLAN: 

The wiring process in enclosure construction is complex and time-consuming. Let Rittal and EPLAN show you how to get wire into the enclosure faster and more efficiently, by visualizing the digital twin's wiring information with EPLAN Smart Wiring. In combination with the clever handling tools from Rittal Automation System, it will let you to carry out your entire process more efficiently and ergonomically.

Thursday 18th November 2021: Wiring Plans Rethought: 

Access to current and complete machine and system documentation is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of machines and systems. We will show you how to use Rittal ePOCKET, among other things, to transfer your project data to the digital wiring plan and so also fully digitalise your modification process.

Thursday 2nd December 2021: Digital Service Solutions and Smart Maintenance: 

Based on specific applications, we will show you the optimization potential that the IoT capability of Rittal Blue e+ cooling units offers for your maintenance processes. With Rittal Smart Service, we offer you the option of needs-based maintenance through to predictive maintenance.

Each Webcast is available on the day at 8.30 - 9.00 am and 3.30 - 4.00 pm (CET) To register for one session or the whole webcast series, follow the link below.