RiMatrix NG Edge Solutions - Protecting Your Critical IT Equipment

Change is a constant across today’s IT infrastructure, as we move into the digital age and the requirements for all things to be connected increases. Rittal has the solution with Rittal’s RiMatrix NG, the scalable IT infrastructure solution. So whether it’s a an EDGE application or a hyperscale data centre, Rittal has got you covered. In this latest blog post Rittal’s team of experts explore, how Rittal’s RiMatrix system is able to protect, your businesses critical IT infrastructure.

The use of IT equipment within the business world is nothing new, the traditional IT environment is that of a clean, secure and temperature controlled habitat, for servers and switches to work effectively in. The creation of these types of conditions is essential to minimise IT failures, which can directly impact on a business’s continuity.

In recent years there has been a significant development, in smart production facilities. Smart production facilities in turn create challenges as the IT infrastructure in place, needs to be able to support the latest technology such as IOT devices, robotics and the collation of industrial analytics. To improve the speed and reliability of data communication, often now these new technologies require IT infrastructure, to be positioned within the production environment.

It is against this backdrop of technology in industry, developing at such a rapid rate that Rittal developed its RiMatrix NG infrastructure technology. The RiMatrix NG offers businesses across the globe from any industry, maximum flexibility, security and efficiency all in one perfectly coordinated system. Comprising of racks, power distribution, cooling, monitoring and security. Due to its flexibility Rittal’s RiMatrix NG infrastructure can be configured to meet the specific requirements of almost any industry.

Edge makes the world smarter

Developing Smart Production facilities can have it challenges, data is continuously being exchanged. communication between people, machinery, robots and IT systems is generating a never-ending stream of data that needs to be controlled, monitored and processed by high-performance data centres.

Rittal’s RiMatrix NG edge applications offer industry 4.0 standards which reduce data latency, maximum IT safety and security and uninterrupted availability. Maximising the flexibility and modular configuration of this infrastructure enables organisations to meet future requirements.

New data centres can thus be established quickly, reliably and with excellent flexibility, from small single rack installations, edge data centres to enterprise, colocation and hyperscale data centres.

Smart solutions for today’s smart applications

Rittal’s RiMatrix NG comprehensive solutions range, allows this modular system to offer solutions that are scalable and cost effective for IT managers, within industry.

Rittal recognises the key challenge that IT managers within industry are facing is, this challenge been to build future proofed and adaptive IT infrastructure. By maintaining a close dialogue with Rittal customers from around the world, Rittal developed the RiMatrix NG to ensure that companies were able to obtain investment security and the planning certainty that they need to operate in any industry.



Considerations to make with Smart Production

Smart production facilities with new technology installed, require IT to get closer to the smart production equipment, to improve the speed and reliability of data communication.

An industrial shop floor environment, is not an ideal location for locating sensitive IT equipment and if if exposed to high temperatures, moisture, dust and oil, the IT equipment could deteriorate or even worse, cause it to fail. This will impact the reliability of the IT equipment, but can also cause a production line stop.

To protect this critical IT infrastructure, Rittal has created a ruggedised industrial IT rack configurations, which allows IT to be deployed in the production area. The rack acts as a shield and protects the IT from external factory threats and allows the IT to operate at its optimum performance.

Cooling, Power Distribution, Security and Monitoring

A key element of the RiMatrix NG IT infrastructure, is the system framework compromising of cooling, power distribution, security and monitoring are all key elements that ensure any IT infrastructure, is working effectively and efficiently.

Cooling plays a pivotal role, because heat dissipation, from the server can generate high energy costs. Companies can save time and money by selecting the most suitable data centre location and equipping it with the most effective cooling technology.

Comprehensive and complete power distribution and backup solutions are designed to be modular. With the RiMatrix NG power supplies, can easily be scaled up at any time.

Optimised protection of your IT infrastructure is vital, efficient IT security system repels both physical and cyber threats and guarantees smooth-running business operations.

Smart monitoring works in sync with the RiMatrix NG infrastructure, in in real time and without interruption. This way, any critical deviations are promptly identified, and any maintenance requirements are automatically detected.

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