Rittal RiPANEL - Configuration Made Easy

Here at Rittal we have optimised the existing configurator previously known as RiCS, with improved features and links to EPLAN Pro Panel, configuring an enclosure has never been easier.

With the Rittal RiPanel configuration system, design engineers and system planners have a powerful configuration tool, at their fingertips. When designing the new RiPanel, Rittal’s software specialists knew that a simple selection tool for standard enclosures, with a sole focus on price information was not sufficient to meet the needs of the switchgear manufactures and panel builders, across the globe. Now configuring is effortless thanks to the Rittal RiPanel, with four key function areas and a series of new customer benefits, it makes every stage of the panel building process efficient and hassel free.

In this latest blog post from Rittal, we will guide you through how Rittal’s RiPanel configuration software will enhance and improve how to plan complex enclosures, the latest piece of configuration software from Rittal. As a starting point, Rittal RiPanel can be used with any type of Rittal enclosure, so whether it be bayed, stand alone, small or large or a free standing enclosure, Rittal’s RiPanel has got you covered.

Once your enclosure type has been selected and added to the configuration tool, from there the configuration process can accelerated. With verification checks, visual presentation options and 3D visualizations available, one of the new and significant features of the RiPanel system, is the integrated plausibility check, this feature prevents possible incorrect orders, or potential errors in the enclosure design, as early on as the planning phase, avoiding any potential issues before they reach the enclosure production phase of operation.

After the initial 3D visualisation and plausibility checks have been carried out, Rittal RiPanel can identify suitable machining options, with standard geometrics and pre-defined cut outs, available as standard, additional integration with CAD imported customer specific, cut outs is also available. Users can now also import and place individually, designed none CAD cut-outs into the RiPanel software as well. 3D visualizations are also available along, with a library of predefined drilling patterns. RiPanel configurator system can also produce a virtual prototype, examples of the prototypes can then be transferred to production machines for further NC machining, including the Perforex MT machine for more, in depth analysis. This making even the more unusual requirements of industry design and specifications easy to implement.

Operating Rittal’s RiPanel is simple, this allowing for maximum transparency and consistency throughout the whole engineering, ordering and manufacturing process. Another key area of the configuration software is the RiPanel data storage application, this area of the configuration tool allows for, the collation and creation of engineering and manufacturing data, this making data analysis straightforward and easy to interpret. RiPanel is also integrated to provide direct access to the Rittal online shop, making it quick and efficient to place an enquiry or order if required. The RiPanel data storage feature allows all data, to be easily stored and used again in future projects, even with further modifications.

Rittal’s RiPanel also looks to minimize the chances of errors, occurring during the enclosure design phase. The RiPanel configurator is able to achieve this through, removing the possibility of errors during the selecting accessories and machining option stage, with plausibility checks preventing any possibility of future downtime.

Rittal RiPanel is integrated with EPLAN Pro Panel software and the Rittal online shop to optimize the user experience. With the RiPanel online shop application you can save time, thanks to the software intuitive design, during the configuration stage, RiPanel automatically creates a component parts list, which when selected shows a complete breakdown of total costs, along with direct access to the online ordering process. This latest addition of Rittal’s RiPanel based on modelling for EPLAN software, with integrated features, the overall user experience is enhanced significantly. With Rittal RiPanel, it has never been easier to configure and order an enclosure. Rittal’s product team developed the RiPanel configurator system, with each step in the design and production phase considered.

Efficient manufacturing and product development are key to the automation of panel building and switchgear manufacturing. Using the Rittal RiPanel configuration system guarantees enclosure systems can be planned easily in 3D, configured individually, and ordered quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime.

To find out more about the Rittal RiPanel configuration system, follow the link below:

Rittal RiPanel Website 

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Rittal Automation System - RiPanel Brochure