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Rittal’s RiAssure – FREE Expert Advice to Prevent System Failures

Author: Karl Lycett

Maintaining your electrical equipment is vital to ensure it works at maximum output and, just as importantly, it provides years of uninterrupted service. While this is clearly an everyday requirement, it’s particularly necessary during the hottest days of the year; our summers may not always be scorchers, but it’s still the time when we see most equipment failures and system crashes. 

The failures are almost always because the client hasn’t taken account of the impact of higher summer ambient temperatures.  Simply put, as the mercury rises outside an enclosure so the temperature inside the enclosure will rise unless steps have been taken to adjust the levels of cooling. 

Unfortunately, turning up a climate control system can also trigger a system crash.  Raising the output can cause the cooling equipment to fail if it hasn’t been correctly specified or maintained.  It’s quite common to hear about the climate control equipment failing at precisely the time when the customer most needs it. This then triggers a chain reaction. 

A melt-down in the cooling system will lead to your PLCs and drives shutting down to prevent further damage to their components. And without functioning electrical controls, production will shut down. In the immediate short-term, this will have a major impact on operational productivity as well as steep servicing/maintenance costs to get the plant up and running again. However dramatic this sounds this cascade of failure happens far too regularly.

Rittal is the worldwide market and technology in the field of Industrial Climate Control and we offer a free RiAssure service to guard against this eventuality.

As part of RiAssure we offer a site visit by a member of our trained Rittal team, to review and audit your existing systems and enclosures. They will provide you with an assessment of your current climate control solutions and discuss any concerns.

After the visit you will be provided with written feedback, including recommendations for adding value to your business and future best practise guidance.

If you have a large installation or more technical information is required we can arrange for a secondary (paid-for) Advanced RiAssure Inspection, conducted by one of our trained service team. They will visit your site and perform a series of detailed checks on your enclosures to gather data to resolve more complex issues.

During coronavirus, many sites are locked down and only allowing essential personnel access. Our teams are working remotely, providing full operational support with video calls on multiple platforms as required.  In many cases, this is sufficient in terms of fact-finding and diagnostics to provide you with expert advice to improve your installation.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.  Alternatively, please call our customer service team on 01709 704000 or e-mail cooling@rittal.co.uk

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