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Rittal’s Therm Software: Making short work of specifying your Climate Control Equipment.

Author: Karl Lycett

Many thousands of pounds can be invested in the install of a new or upgrade of an existing electrical enclosure. In many instances, all the focus is on the initial install and commissioning of the Variable Speed Drives, Transformers, etc. rather than the much longer-term goal of ensuring a long service life by creating a protective environment for the equipment concerned. The key to this “protective environment” is the implementation of correct climate control.

If this step is done correctly, the right piece of equipment can pay dividends and save you money by reducing energy consumption, risk of unexpected breakdowns and reduction of the spares budget.

Therm software from Rittal make this task a breeze, all you need is a small amount of information, a few clicks and the software does all the work and narrows down the choices for you.

Whether it's a single enclosure or a long suite with masses of variable speed drives, Therm will give you peace of mind that you are correctly prescribing the right cooling equipment to make sure your new or existing installation has a long and happy operating life.

“With the density of equipment in enclosures increasing, our customers have a simple and easy tool to calculate their cooling requirement,” said Karl Lycett, Product Management for Rittal UK.

To make it as simple as possible to use, it is available for free from our website as either an online service to be used in your web browser or can be downloaded to your computer for offline use.

If you are on the go or need something more portable, you can also download Rittal Therm App to your mobile device to make sure you always have reliable calculations at your fingertips!

The ability to export the final calculation results in word or PDF format also mean you can keep these in your records or provide to your end customer as proof of due diligence which is required in many project specifications.

For more information or to download Therm, visit our website.

Do you want to find out more? Check out our recorded webcasts:

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