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RittalXpress: Fast, Flexible IT Infrastructure – as easy as A,B,C

Author: Emma Ryde

As ever-more demands are place on our IT systems, so there is a pressing need for upgrading existing infrastructure and for these installations to be done in the shortest possible time to allow businesses to remain competitive.

Customers are increasingly demanding racks that can accommodate the future requirements of server and network gear as these needs evolve.

This places huge pressure on IT and clearly increases the need to employ flexible, easy-to-install rack systems that can be used for many different applications. Meanwhile, the process of ordering and configuring racks also needs to be made as easy as possible. To this end, Rittal has created RittalXpress, which offers rapid distribution of a specially selected range of its most popular TS IT racks and accessories.

Rittal’s TS IT Data Centre Solutions gives IT users unrivalled structure and support through its flexible design and wide array of accessories.
Its TS IT racks offer an efficient internal space, variable widths and depths, and baying versatility. Their standard parts allow users to configure solutions that are tailored to individual data centres and allow for efficient cabling and thermal management (to protect sensitive electrical equipment from rising temperatures as the number of internal components increases). Meanwhile, the RittalXpress delivery service ensures that solutions arrive on-site quickly.

“We’re making express delivery of the TS IT Rack as simple as ABC,” says Emma Ryde, Rittal Product Manager for IT and Industrial Enclosures.
“A: Choose your rack, B: Choose your accessories and C: Choose your delivery.

“The RittalXpress service offers a carefully selected range of TS IT network/server rack options, plus accessories. These items are available either for 24-hour despatch for unassembled units, or seven working days for configured units,” adds Emma.

Discover how easy it really can be to use RittalXpress via the links below:

 RittalXpress Website 

RittalXpress Brochure

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