NEW TX CableNet - Taking Cable Management to a New Level

NEW TX CableNet network rack from Rittal - Momentum for professional quality cable management

IT professionals are coming under increasing time pressure and managing increasingly complex systems. With its new TX CableNet, Rittal is accelerating professional-quality network cabling. Even large quantities of cable with a soft bending radius are easily inserted, and perfect cable routing is achieved with the “waterfall principle”. The pre-assembled open-frame design with a pitch pattern for Rittal accessories ensures speedy assembly and easy maintenance. For standard orders from stock, Rittal promises express delivery.

IT managers are having to expand and manage increasingly interconnected networks at a rapidly growing rate. When it comes to components, speed and reliability are needed in several ways: “In the TX CableNet, we have combined innovative cable management with the demand for professional quality,” explains Emma Ryde, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial and Outdoor Enclosures “Besides the mechanical properties of the rack, this includes a systematic approach, reliable cross-regional availability and rapid delivery.”

Right from the start, the new TX CableNet has been designed as a network rack and it is intended for perfect cable routing with fast installation. The following principle applies even with large quantities of cables: simple insertion instead of laborious pulling. This is ensured by recesses with rounded edges on both sides and over the entire depth of the roof. The outer cable routing struts on the roof edges are easily removed, the complete cable harness is inserted and the struts are then securely hooked back in place again. This way, even large cable harnesses slide down from the roof and in a soft bending radius into the distributor in no time at all. Thanks to this “waterfall principle,” the cable routing follows the best practice method for copper cables and for fibreglass optic cables. The open frame construction also permits the entire depth to be used when feeding in via the floor.

Rapid and systematic selection and delivery
Standard orders from stock will reach UK mainland customers in express time. The Rittal system accessories and compatibility with the VX base/plinth system, as well as the AX comfort handle for access protection make the TX CableNet suitable for every common network requirement and installation location. A replacement finder for the predecessor product – TE 8000 – makes the changeover easier for IT professionals and wholesalers.

A frame designed for efficient handling
The initial range comprises of eight variants. The enclosures are 800 mm wide and available in heights of 2,000 mm (42 U) and 2,200 mm (47 U) and in depths of 800 mm or 1,000 mm.

The pre-assembled, free-standing frame construction with a Rittal system grid and a welded roof is another unique selling point. It increases the speed of installation and removal, as well as ensuring stability.

The system components are quickly positioned and affixed thanks to the profile with its continuous 25 mm pitch pattern and numbered hole pattern. The side panels are mounted in next to no time and can be removed just as quickly for convenient maintenance.

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