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VX25 Ri4Power system - Faster, More Efficient, More Versatile

Author: Mark Guest

The new VX25Ri4Power system is modular based switchgear system ideally suited for both power distribution systems and motor control centres. From form 2a control panels to form 4b switchgear, Ri4Power is flexible to meet the requirements of today’s market and is compliant to the latest international switchgear standards.

Faster, stronger, more efficient – VX25 Ri4Power is the perfect solution for applications up to 6300 A. Project planning is child’s play with the user-friendly Power Engineering configurator. Faster assembly with up to 50% time savings on new product innovations. Less part numbers simplifies the assembly process and increases efficiencies.

Based on the new VX25 enclosure, this version of the Ri4Power is now even more efficient at distributing electrical power across industrial environments. It also delivers a range of other benefits such as higher current ratings, plus easier monitoring and maintenance. All solutions based on this system have been tested and certified to IEC 61439.

Automation across the electrical and electronics industry is being driven both by a boom in mechanical and plant engineering, and by the deployment of more - increasingly powerful - drive technologies.

Switchgear for electrical power distribution must evolve to meet ever-higher demands – including higher current ratings, in conjunction with compact dimensions. Rittal’s new Ri4Power, based on its VX25 enclosure, is the ideal response to these challenges. The welded frame of the VX25 enclosures gives the Ri4Power it’s strength and reduces assembly times.

With personnel safety in mind the VX25Ri4Power has been designed to reduce the incidence of internal arc faults. Innovative new products enable the switchgear to follow the guidance from IEC61641, which is the standard for internal arc faults.

Busbar Support design makes it easier to fit copper bar

The busbar supports were developed with reduced complexity in mind. As a result, the same support is suitable for both 600 mm deep and 800 mm deep enclosures. Their symmetrical shape means supports can be used left or right. Installation has also been simplified: the busbar support can be fastened to the VX25 profile with three screws. The tested support has been designed to accept 30 x10 or 50 x 10 copper bar. This makes handling of heavy copper bar easier and the panel builder only has to consider 2 busbar sizes up to 6300 amps. The new busbar support system has been tested to 100kA for 1 second.  

Fewer parts for less complexity

The new Ri4Power system is based on the VX25, so manufacturers enjoy all the advantages of this enclosure system, including its symmetrical form, highly standardised pitch pattern, reduced number and type of parts, and ease of component installation. Consequently, components can, for example, be mounted on either horizontal or vertical profiles of the VX25 frame, reducing the total quantity of profiles required. Furthermore, there is a special compartment side panel available for the Ri4Power that can be positioned in either the left or right of the enclosure. This divides the solution into separate compartment according to function, e.g. to create a cable chamber or space for additional components. The compartment side panel has knockouts every 50 mm; these have rounded edges to prevent damage to cables. In the upper part of the enclosure, there is a separate section for the installation of further components, accessible via a flap or panel.

New configuration software

Rittal has developed a new version of its Power Engineering (RPE) software to coincide with the launch of the VX25 Ri4Power system. This solution makes planning and configuring switchgear fast and simple. Usability was a key focus during the development of the latest version. It is highly intuitive and requires the input of only a few parameters. This enables manufacturers, even those with no previous experience, to simply and reliably configure type-tested switchgear Furthermore, interfaces for EPLAN Electric P8, for export of bills of materials to MS Excel, and for import and export for data maintenance are possible.

In addition, the VX25 engineering configurator for Ri4Power low-voltage switchgear supports quick-and-easy online configuration, contact information@rittal.co.uk for further information.

Simple monitoring and maintenance

The VX25 Ri4Power system offers a number of advantages in the context of maintenance. The new busbar supports and connectors are accessible from the front: This makes it easier to check the torque applied to screws, for instance, or to determine the temperature of contact points by means of an infrared camera. It is also possible to implement sophisticated monitoring mechanisms: an IoT interface can be installed that interoperates with sensors, e.g. for monitoring temperature, moisture or performance. In combination with a software based control system, this allows the operator to monitor their equipment at all times, and enjoy higher power-supply availability.

Download the brochure or visit our website for the full story. 

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