VX25 Ri4Power system - User friendly planning just got better

Author: Mark Guest

Rittal’s power engineering web based tool is entering a new era. Just like the VX25 platform, our VX25 Power Engineering planning software, sets new standards in the planning and designing of low voltage switchgear. The web based configurator guides users quickly and efficiently through the entire planning process, in simple logical steps.

The web based configurator system 

Planning for a project is now child’s play with the user-friendly power engineering configurator, faster assembly with up to 50 per cent time savings on new product innovations and fewer part numbers both simplifies the assembly process and increases efficiencies.

The web-based application ensures that switchgear planning, is based on accurate data and is updated automatically. Access to the configurator is via Rittal's website and is simple, efficient and free to use.

To reduce engineering time, the configurator can be used with two modes:

  • Simplified version – enabling a quick price with fewer clicks and options.
  • Detailed version – more specification options and increased selection features.

During the configuration process the web based configurator, can start building the planning process for the assembly of your switchgear, the system can achieve this through billing of materials and once fully configured, the system documentation is readily available supplying useful information such as:

  • Design verification that includes - internal and external layout drawings, build plans; part lists and copper connection drawings.
  • Assembly methods based on a set of design rules, that are compliant to IEC 61439 switchgear standards. The software will calculate the ACB thermal ratings within the enclosures. Finally it will also calculate the the heat-rise tests, based on the latest industry standards.

Comprehensive build manuals are available to download along with demonstration videos of assembly methods.


To view the Ri4Power Low Voltage Switchgear Configurator, follow the link below: 

Ri4Power Low Voltage Switchgear Configurator

Rittal's guide to the configuration process 

To make the planning process simple and efficient, the selection options are clearly shown and the minimum number of selection pages are displayed. Tested assembly sections, are shown to make the selection process easier. Tested circuit breaker manufacturers are also shown which determines the rating of the assembly. The main busbars are selected automatically based on the Inc (A) rating, fault ratings (up to 100kA for 1 second).

Once each section has been fully configured, including the modular doors, a 3D image is shown in the software. This will be a true representation, of the section ready for manufacture.

Once your design is complete there are several different options available in the configurator: 

  • Requesting an offer – the system plan is sent direct to Rittal, which can be turned into a formal quotation.
  • The Rittal Webshop – the bill of materials can be exported, into your Rittal web shop account for pricing. (this will be available shortly)
  • Downloading your Dialogue – this feature will generate, drawings – PDF, DWG, parts list, copper connection sets and assembly plan

Coming in 2022, Integrated interface capability with EPLAN and Rittal Therm software which will offer further benefits, for the design engineer in the planning and assembly process.


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Follow the link below to learn more about the VX25 Power and its capabilities: 

VX25 Power Microsite

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