Rittal's VX25 Ri4Power technical system catalogue: The complete overview for your switchgear manufacturing

Author: Mark Guest

As the world becomes, more interconnected by technology and the requirements for efficient and innovative solutions increases. Rittal has the antidote in the form, of the Ri4Power modular system. The future of industry will be shaped by how companies can effectively implement smart supply solutions to their partners, in industry. As leaders in industry Rittal are able to provide customers, with a performance promise and comprehensive support, to gain that crucial competitive edge within industry.

This performance promise has never been more evident, than with Rittal’s VX25 Ri4Power modular system. Now even more efficient, even faster and stronger than before. Rittal’s VX25 Ri4Power is the ultimate future proof solution for business.

With that in mind Rittal UK and are proud to present to the market, the VX25 Ri4Power technical system catalogue, this technical guide from Rittal is designed to cover, the technical aspects of the VX25 Ri4Power switchgear system and how with customisable solutions, a small amount of components and Rittal’s online configuration tool, The VX25 Ri4Power can increase efficiency during the switchgear building process by up 50%

Ri4Power picture blog editFlexible location power distribution

As the VX25 Ri4Power is a low voltage switchgear modular system, this means that it can be housed in a variety of locations, such as in an area entirely separate to the production environment, on the periphery or on an entirely different level of the site. This allowing the VX25 Ri4Power unparalleled adaptability and flexibility to be applied to a wide range of applications up to 6300 A.

Enclosure and busbar system in one 

Rittal’s VX25 Ri4Power switchgear system is a complete solution for the assembly of type tested low-voltage switchgear, that includes internal form separation. The VX25 RiPower is the perfect solution for applications up to 6300 A. Project planning is made easier with Rittal’s, user friendly power engineering software. Thanks to the optimised arrangement of the busbar and impressive copper savings, Rittal is able to offer during the panel building assembly process, time savings of up to 50%. This ensuring that panel builders and switchgear manufacturers, can operate effectively and efficiently.

Switching and control under one roof

Rittal’s technical guide will illustrate how the VX25 Ri4Power, is able to unite power distribution and control technology in one enclosure. As the VX25 Ri4Power has a continuous modular system, it allows for each enclosure panel to be flexibly subdivided into configurable compartments, functional units and busbar chambers. This enabling form 2-4 configurations to made very quickly.

Fewer parts and multi-functional space within the enclosure

With multi-functional space and fewer parts required, the VX25 Ri4Power is a great option for fast installation. An example been that the compartment dividers, are screw fastened directly to the side wall and the enclosure section, this in turn saving time and reducing the number of parts required during the build.

The compartment dividers are a key element in the panel building process as they are multi-functional, the key benefits are the dividers can fit into any section type, with fewer components. The air-permeable grille supports thermal convection, across the entire section ensuring improved pressure equalisation, throughout the compartment of the switchgear.

The VX25 Ri4Power is based on the standard VX25 enclosure platform. This is a key advantage as many of the parts are common and generally familiar to assembly engineers. A big plus is the facility to bay a large number of standard enclosures to the Ri4Power switchgear, which is useful when designing large drive panels, battery storage and motor controls. The welded frame of the VX25 gives the switchgear stability and strength that end users require.

VX25 Ri4Power blog header v1To download the VX25 Ri4Power technical system guide, follow the link below:

VX25 Ri4Power Technical System catalogue

Another key area of the technical catalogue is the power engineering software this section of the catalogue, is designed to ensure users are able to configure switchgear quickly and efficiently, as well as generate key information swiftly providing access to engineering drawings, bill of materials and ACB copper connection drawings, for in house manufacturing.

The technical guides purpose is to provide information for the planning, configuration and maintenance of low voltage switchgear, in accordance with IEC 61439 – part 1 and 2. The technical guide providing a foundation for the basic principles of meeting design verification and standards within the panel building industry.

Included in the guide is all the industry leading circuit breakers manufactures, such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi and many more, which have been tested inside the Rittal VX25 Ri4Power compartments. At the end of the technical guide there is a full list of operating current test results, based on the market leading circuit breakers manufacturers. In the technical guide, confirmation of the selection of ACB frame sizes is also available. Rittal’s power engineering software will automatically select the ACB frame from the printed results, published in the technical guide.

To simplify the switchgear process, the moulded case and de rating of the circuit breaker selection, have also been simplified in the technical guide, with all appropriate manufacturer performance data listed as well, this is to ensure the panel building and switchgear manufacturing process is simple, hassle free and complies with industry standards.

To view the full VX25 Ri4Power range, follow the link below:VX25 Ri4Power Website

To view Rittal's Power Engineering Configurator Tool, use the link below:Rittal Power Engineering Configurator


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