Rittal's VX IT - The World's Fastest IT Rack

Digitisation means that companies will need ever more computing power, in all departments and at every location. Research, production, marketing and sales, are departments who are using ever increasing amounts of data in their work and must be able to make business-critical decisions, quickly and accurately. This is only possible, if there is an efficient and fail-safe IT landscape. Due to this industrial transformation in recent years, Rittal has created the VXIT rack, the world's fastest IT rack, Rittal's VXIT has newly designed racks and accessories, that can make ordering and configuring racks, a simple and efficient process.

As we welcome the digital age Rittal has refined its TS IT rack, with new features and benefits. The result is the VXIT rack system, which is a comprehensive modular range of variants, that can be implemented as individual solutions simply, safely and in a future-proof way. 

New technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or 5G all demand reliable IT and OT infrastructure systems, either directly where production is taking place, or as an edge application. For companies to remain competitive, the IT and OT infrastructure must be capable of being set up or expanded quickly and efficiently, to help provide the computing power required. With the new VX IT rack system, Rittal is setting the tone for rapidly emerging new and future proofed IT and OT infrastructures.

A new generation of IT enclosures 

Rittal's VX IT was conceived, as a universal and modular variant piece of kit. A solution for within industry, the VX IT can be used as a network and server enclosures, in a variety of edge applications.

An additional benefit to customers is that all VX IT variants designed with the configurator have already been tested and certified, with all their components in accordance with international standards such as UL 2416, IEC 60950 and IEC 62368. This means there is no need to additionally certify the finished, configured system. This ensures maximum freedom and peace of mind, when assembling new IT infrastructures. With this as a solution IT managers, can save valuable time in the planning and procurement phase, whilst at the same time being completely assured, that all the components work in perfect harmony.

Fast and efficient digital ordering processes 

With the VX IT range, companies can implement new infrastructures at an unprecedented speed, from a single network rack in the production building to a complete edge data centre, in a distribution production facility. By using this method Rittal, is able to maximise an industry or businesses full digitization, potential to the maximum benefit of its customers.

The entire process from selection, configuration and ordering through to delivery is digitally supported and transparent. During the configuration process the 3D model is assembled piece by piece, including the accessories. The finished 3D model is saved and can be reused by the user. The individually designed version of the IT rack is produced, in a high quality state of the art manufacturing facility. Optimized logistics means it can be delivered within 48 hours.

Maximum compatibility and future-proofed technology

The VX IT range is able to offer products that are compatible with the existing Rittal RiMatrix systems and other IT infrastructures assembled with Rittal components. This makes it possible to replace individual components, in existing data centres if required, or expand existing infrastructure within data centres. For example, companies can enlarge existing RiMatrix installations, with the new VX IT and use VXIT specific components for cooling, UPS or monitoring. This provides investment security for the present day and future data centres.

Rapid tool-free assembly

Anyone working in a data centre environment, wants cleverly designed and an easy to use solutions. By developing the VX IT, Rittal is able to deliver on this concept for its customers. The VXIT rack is assembled with tool free installation, with time saving snap-in technology. Labelled height units and pitch patterns make it easy to comply, with the 482.6 mm (19”) distance between levels.

All the enclosure panels, such as side panels and roof plates can be quickly and easily attached, with snap fasteners and positioning aids. The new vertically divided side panels are available, as an optional accessory giving improved access, for faster installation and servicing. The vertically divided side panels are equipped with simple hinges and can be opened like a door, whilst also being easy to remove if required. Horizontally divided side panels, are also available to specification and these again simplify access, to the servers and other equipment inside.


Load capacity up to 1,800 kg

Another key feature of the VX IT is it offers great stability. Thanks to an newly developed and improved frame design, the rack’s 19-inch vertical sections are more robust than ever before. The load capacity has been verified by an external certification, by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). There are two variants available, the “VXIT standard” rack supports a static load of 1,200 kg according to UL certification. The “VXIT dynamic” version supports, a load of 1,500 kg according to UL certification.

Everything your IT rack needs

A wide range of accessories are available to support the VX IT range, so that each VX IT rack can be customized, to meet your specific project or business requirements. The range of accessories includes options for the doors, side panels, base, roof, as well as other innovations, such as the new LED strip for status display. Other accessories available include, extensions and cable management tools, as well as solutions for monitoring, power supply and asset management. For interior installation, components such as PDUs, UPS systems, IT cooling systems and monitoring solutions are available, as well as modules for early fire detection and extinguishing.

To learn more about the VX IT range, follow the link below: 

VXIT Website